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I went to Hanks just to add to my needle stash and possibly pick up a book. I said I would not buy yarn. I really wasn’t going to buy any. And then I got there and there were the usual yarn fumes. Despite that, I was doing well at fighting them. I even resisted when LB found every skein of brightly colored yarn within 3 year old reach and suggested that I buy it. I found some needles just like I had decided. I looked at the books. I decided it wouldn’t hurt to look at the sock yarn. I wasn’t going to buy any. I really wasn’t there to buy yarn. And then…some cotton sock yarn made it’s way home with me. I am not really sure how. It is ok. It will make great summer socks for the Bugs. I can get a few pairs out of it. I just can’t figure out how it happened!

I instructed LB not to say anything about the yarn. When DH got home (he went fishing all day), the little critter ratted me out! DH just laughed at me. He is becoming more accepting (only because LB has told him how great handknit socks are and he wants some).

DH was giving me a hard time about the yarn costs for a while. He is over it. Mostly because I pointed out how much his hobby costs (boat payment, insurance, gas, lures, rods…). I don’t spend as much on yarn each month as he spends on his boat payment, so I am good. For a while he didn’t get why anyone would “pay $20 for a pair of socks.” Now he gets that we probably pay close to $200/fish dinner. It isn’t about the cost. It is a hobby. My hobby produces knitted items. His produces fish dinners. They aren’t cost effective, but they are fun!