March 2008

Surf Colors Sock
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I gave Little Bug his gnome last night. He has been dubbed “Gnomie”. LB was so excited. Gnomie was his “baby” while Mommy took care of CB. Gnomie got to play in the Jumperoo, then he was “swaddled” and put in the bouncy seat. LB loves him.

I started new socks for LB yesterday using the Regia. I love, love, love this yarn. I expected it to feel like dishcloth cotton. It doesn’t. It is softer (although not as soft as just wool would be). What I really love is the striping and coloring of the yarn. I was fascinated by it! I just couldn’t put it down. I cast on yesterday. The photo was taken last night (heel flap is done and heel is ready to be turned). This morning, I couldn’t help myself. I turned the heel! I used the Heels By The Numbers page to do the “Rounder Heel”. I like the look of that heel better. I think I will use it more.

I was a little worried about doing a heel flap and gusset with the striping yarn. I was worried it would look funny. I decided just to relax and do it. It is going to be in LB’s shoes most of the time anyway. I really like how it is coming out. It interrupted the striping pattern a little bit, but you can’t tell (unless you are a bit OCD like I am…rest assured that LB is not).

BTW-the needle caps are new. I made them just like the others, but put a few beads on them. I really like how they turned out!

More exciting news, I have joined a swap! It is the Wee Tiny Sock Swap. It seems easy and low-key. Just my kind of fun! I will probably make my wee tiny sock out of the scraps from my Valentine’s socks or the boys’ socks depending on color preference of my swap partner!


I finished these about 5 minutes ago! Yup…on my feet! This is the yarn I got for Valentine’s Day. I love this yarn. The colors are really beautiful.
The way they made small pools and stripes was really, really pretty. The socks came out more like each other than I expected, too! Similar little pools (just slightly different placement). What was even more exciting was that they only took one skein of Lorna’s Laces! I bought two because I thought I would need two. Part of the reason it only took one was because I don’t like tall socks. I prefer anklets. This is all that was left, though (besides the second skein)! I cut it a bit close.

At this moment, I have nothing on my needles. I am going to be starting another pair of socks tommorow with the Regia I bought the day I didn’t intend to buy yarn. I am deciding what else to start for my evening project. Probably another Alan Dart gnome. I also need to decide what to do with the other skein of Lorna’s.
At the end of these socks, I don’t hate the bamboo needles. I don’t love them, but I don’t hate them. I knit a bit tight, and I prefer a more slippery needle for socks. I liked that they were pointy, but I didn’t like their flexibility. I got more used to it by the end of the socks, but I really prefer not to have a bendy needle. It is ok because my KnitPicks needles came. I am going to use them for the next socks. I love the feel of them!

Happy Easter!! Last night was busy. I had some seaming to do on a certain project….
Well, he is finally done! This gnome is for LB. He doesn’t have a name yet because I haven’t given him to LB yet. I finished it last night, but decided not to give it to him because of the excitement of Easter. I want to give it to him when it is not so busy and overwhelming with new stuff. I don’t want to compete with the Easter bunny!
The pattern is Alan Dart’s Yuletide Gnome. I made him with Wool-Ease and Fun Fur since they are available. I had to go up a needle size. I made the small size. I think that is the perfect size. He is just too cute! There will be many more of these in the future! It is an easy knit, but I had to put him aside a lot. Hopefully the rest of them will be quicker.

Use number one is obviously for socks! I finished the first of my Valentine’s socks on Wednesday. Today was the first day I was able to take a picture in daylight. I still don’t think that the picture does the colors of the yarn justice. The colors are so beautiful! This yarn is the reason that my first Alan Dart Yuletide Gnome is still in pieces. I love the yarn and have been knitting on the socks instead of working on any other project. I was going to take photos of the gnome, but I felt he might not be happy with me (sort of embarrassing being in pieces like that). I just have to finish the seaming and stuffing on one arm and the hat. After that I will just need to sew all the limbs, beard, nose, and hat onto the gnome. I should have pictures of him by the end of the weekend.

And now for use number two… birds’ nests. Today, I had the day off, so Little Bug and I gathered all my very small yarn scraps. We took them out and hung them up on the holly tree in the yard. A few little birds have already taken a couple of the scraps for their nests. LB is really excited that he gets to “help” the birds build their nests. Even if the birds don’t take all the scraps, they look really neat on the tree. They seem like spring ornaments.

Today is my birthday. We celebrated my birthday over the weekend because I had court today. Here are some of my gifts. First up, a suncatcher made by Little Bug (I had planned on using Photoshop to take out some of the distracting background, but I am having a software issue with PS). Some of the paint is glittery!

Today, I got a “book” he made with Grandma (MIL…she keeps him while I work). It is the “story” of the making of the suncatcher. It is so cute!

Finally, some flowers picked out by Little Bug and arranged by him. He is so cute!

In addition to these gifts, I also got some knitting related gifts. DH gave me $50 to buy whatever I wanted. I ordered this set of the sock needles from Knit Picks. The rest will be spent at Hanks. I will probably spend a bit more than $50 total, but that is ok (I think DH expects that). My mom got me a swift and ball winder set from Paradise Fibers. I am really excited to be able to bring yarn home in the hank and wind it when I need it! Does that make me really geeky? Not that it matters…

Everyone warns you about how hard it is to parent a two year old. They never tell you how hard it is to parent a three year old. Two was a piece of cake for us. Sure, there were tantrums. They were mostly related to LB’s inability to communicate what he wanted to communicate. Otherwise, things went pretty well. Three is so much more complicated.

Little Bug can be the sweetest, most wonderful little human being. He is smart and funny and loving. He totally cracks me up! Last week, when I took him to Hanks, he was interested in the spinning wheel. I told him I would show it to him on the way out. By the time we left, he didn’t seem that interested. Monday, he came to me and said, “Mama, remember the spinning wheel at the yarn store? You should get one. You could make yarn for all the people who don’t have yarn. People without yarn are sad.” Adorable, right? And smart! He has an obsession with princesses (he wants to be one…he also wants to be a firefighter). He loves pink. It is just too cute. He remembers every song (both lyrics and melody) after hearing it just once. He can identify most states on the map. He totally amazes me.

I guess all that amazement is what makes parenting him so complicated. He can also be extremely difficult. He has been so defiant. He tests the boundaries all the time. He pushes my buttons. He is so smart and knows exactly what they are. Lately, I have been really snappy with him. I hate it. I snap, and then I feel really, really, really guilty. I love him so much, but some days he makes me crazy.

It is also complicated because I feel guilty when I can’t give him my full attention. Monday night, I was alone with the boys because DH had a late meeting. CB was having a difficult night (very fussy because his reflux was acting up). He needed me to feed him and jiggle him. LB did really well, and then got tired. He deliberatly broke several rules. I sent him to time out a few times. After 9 pm, I was exhausted. Both boys were still awake and overtired. LB kept pushing the boundaries. Finally, I yelled at him (just raised my voice to tell him to stop). He threw himself on the couch and cried. I heard him say, “I just need you to pay attention to me, Mommy.” I have never felt so bad in all my life. LB was crying, CB was crying, and I was crying. I put the baby down, and scooped him up. Then he got upset because his brother was crying and I wasn’t holding him. He said, “Mommy, Critter needs you too.” When DH got home about 10 minutes later, the three of us were all cuddled up in the rocking chair exhausted and tear stained. I get frustrated because I feel like I don’t give LB enough one on one time. Parenting is hard work.

Note: I typed this post a few days ago. I was not going to post it, but have decided I will. It is one of the things going on with me. I like to post only happy stuff, but that isn’t always what I am thinking or feeling. The whole point of the blog is to be able to talk about the stuff I wouldn’t ordinarily get to talk about. Writing this did make me feel a lot better. It also helped me realize the real reason for my frustration (guilt over not enough one on one time). I have been better about the one on one time the last few days and have been much happier (as has LB). I know that we will always have our ups and downs. I just hope I don’t screw the kids up too badly!

I finished Critter Bug’s socks last night. They only took me a week and a half. When I finished the first one, the sock fit perfectly. Like a little, bitty glove. This morning, both socks just barely fit. Critter has been eating like crazy. He is growing so quickly. The socks won’t fit him in another week or so. Not only that, but Little Bug’s socks just barely fit him too. He has been eating like a little horse. Turns out he is growing too! So the big lesson is that I need to knit them socks that are a bit big for them so that they can wear them for longer than it took me to knit them!

I also began my own socks. I am knitting them with the yarn that I got for Valentine’s Day from DH (Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock in Buck’s Bar colorway). The yarn is so beautiful! It was pretty in the hank and pretty in the ball, but that was nothing compared to how it is knitting up. I can’t get a picture that does it justice. It looks like a watercolor done by an impressionist painter knitted up. It was raining all day, so it was dark a bit early. I hope that I can get a daylight picture in the next few days so that I can show off how it really looks. The blues, greens, and purples are so pretty. The grey color really shows off how pretty they are. The only disappointment I have is that I am knitting these socks on bamboo needles. The boys’ socks were knit on Addi nickle plated needles. I love them, but they are only 4 inches long. I needed longer needles to knit my socks since they have more stitches. I love bamboo needles in larger sizes. They are warm and beautiful. In this small size, they are super flexible. I am constantly afraid that I am going to break them. I don’t like the flexibility. I think that my next purchase will be some 6 inch metal sock needles!

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