The last couple of days (close to a week) have been about survival. I have gotten very little done. CB has been going through a major growth spurt. He has been nursing non-stop from the time I get home until around 11 pm. He has been waking up at 3 am for marathon nursing sessions that last until it is time for me to get up for work. Meaning that I have been getting fewer than four hours per sleep a night for the last couple of nights. Of course, I am still expected to do things like practice law all day and keep my family in clean clothes, too. Needless to say, not to much knitting has been happening (spare moments have been going to sleep…when there are spare moments).

That being said, I did manage to finish the first sock for CB. It is just the cutest little thing ever!! It won’t fit him for long (especially since he has jumped a clothing size in the last week…all that nursing is counting for something), but it is super cute. I also got the second sock started. It shouldn’t take too long provided the little critter starts letting me get some sleep! I tried the little sock on him today. LB decided he had to have his matching socks on and was really disappointed that there wasn’t another sock for his little brother. For an hour or so, LB had his socks on and CB was wearing only one sock to match his brother. LB kept saying, “Mama, our socks are the same ‘cept mine is big and his is little tiny.” It was so cute! Little socks, little boys…it really is about the little things in life!