The sock addiction, I mean. I finished my first pair and absolutely loved knitting them! I can’t wait to cast on the next pair. The next pair is for CB. I need to measure his foot, but he is sleeping. I don’t want to wake him. I have to wait until morning to do some measurements so I can cast on.

Why are they soooo wonderful? They are easy, but look hard. Everyone is impressed by them (including me). They are like magic to knit! They are wearable. The little needles and yarn are fun! They are in little sections, so it is always changing. They are portable. Sock yarn is easy to collect without a big dent in the wallet (note: I don’t have a big collection, but I could see how you could get one easily).

Not only did I love knitting them, but LB hasn’t taken them off. He tells me that he is wearing them tomorrow (which is fine since he got them after I got off work tonight) and the next day and the next (not fine…they will probably need to be washed). He tells me that they are the “bestest” socks he has. He tells me that he doesn’t like his other socks now. I am going to have to knit a bit faster to make sure he has enough socks! Of course, I also plan to knit some for myself after CB’s socks…LB is going to have to wait a bit!