I think I found the cure for Second Sock Syndrome…a very excited three year old! I finished the first sock for Little Bug yesterday. He insisted on wearing it for several hours. I really just intended on having him try it on to make sure it fit. He wouldn’t take it back off. He kept looking in my sock project bag for “the other one.” After about an hour of constantly explaining that the other one wasn’t made yet, he started asking, “When can I have my other sock?” This morning he asked to wear the one completed sock again. I told him that I needed to keep it in my knitting bag to make sure that the other one was the same size (they will likely be fraternal socks as it is because the striping won’t be consistent…I am ok with that, but not with them also being different sizes). He was disappointed and refused to wear socks for part of the day. Nothing like the joy of a toddler to motivate you to finish the second sock!