It’s here!!!! The one thing I have been waiting for is finally here! That’s right, my Yuletide Gnome pattern is here! I am dying to cast on. I am restraining myself. I have to finish my January is for Karen scarf first. I have decided that it will be my Mom’s birthday gift (her birthday was earlier this month). I bought the yarn for myself, but I know that I won’t wear a scarf enough. It is too beautiful to sit in a closet most of the year.

I am trying to be disciplined about casting on projects. I have always only ever had one project at a time. I always felt like it was some kind of rule that you just don’t start something new until the old thing is finished. I am not sure who I thought would enforce such a rule. When I discovered knitting blogs and got on Ravelry, I realized that most people have more than one project. No one put them in knitting jail! I see the value in having a small, portable project and another project for at home. I still can’t bring myself to have more than two projects at a time! I still fear the knitting police, I guess.

Another reason I haven’t cast on yet (besides avoiding the knitting police) is that I don’t have a flesh colored yarn. Now I am searching for something that will work in earnest. The Alan Dart group on Ravelry has some suggestions that I am going to check out. Since the face is the first thing that you knit in the pattern, I have to find some flesh colored yarn before casting on.