I am feeling so clever right now. First, I have turned the heel of my first sock and picked up the stitches in the gusset. That is the part that most intimidated me. I had read the directions at least a hundred times. I just didn’t get how it would work. I even looked at a tutorial with pictures numerous times. I just didn’t get it. However, when I got to each part with sock in hand, I figured it out. It even looks right, IMO. How cool is that?! It is like magic. It looks like a sock! I am just so impressed with myself! I can tell how people become addicted! I am quickly headed in that direction.

Want to know how I can tell? I have been obsessing about needing a sock bag. I finally settled on this one. I also have been only interested in sock yarn online. I have neglected all other projects in favor of the sock! I am just loving how clever the little thing is!

There are two small mistakes (not big enough for me to rip back). First, there is a row right in the middle of the heel flap where the slip stitches don’t quite line up. Not worth tinking as LB will never really notice. I also did decreases on each row (not every other row). It still looks fine. It also appears to fit fine, so no going back. I will just need to make that same “mistake” on the second sock.

Poor LB doesn’t really understand where the second sock is. He keeps saying, “Can I wear the other one?” I have explained that the other sock hasn’t even been started. He always, “Ok, can I wear it now?”

I am also feeling clever because I figured out a way to keep my needles together and to keep them from poking my bag or losing stitches off the end. It is just two end caps for the Closet Maid shelving stuff and some beading cord. It works really well, doesn’t add any bulk to the bag, and cost about $2 to make (the $2 was enough to actually make about 12 sets, but I have only made one since I only have one set of dpns…something I expect will change rapidly).