Yesterday was a big day of firsts! I knitted my first swatch. As all the knitters gasp, let me just say that I have never knit anything that needed a specific gauge. I have only ever knit dishcloths, toys, and baby blankets. I have swatched before with crochet, but have found that my tension in crochet is in no way consistent. They are useless to me (as you can tell from the bear post earlier this month). I swore I wouldn’t do them again, but I found that my knitting tension is now pretty consistent. I also had no idea what my gauge would be like with the really tiny sock yarn and really tiny dpns (turns out it is 9 stitches/inch…slightly stretched). So….another big “fear” bites the dust.

The funny thing about swatching this time was that I felt guilty the whole time about “wasting” the yarn. I fully intended to bind off, break off the yarn, and photograph it. When I finished the swatch, I couldn’t bring myself to break it off. I did do a bind off, but I left it attached. I just couldn’t cut it. I love the yarn. It is so beautiful. I just couldn’t bear the thought of it in a swatch. So, I measured. Measured again. Measured slightly stretched. Then, I pulled it out and wound it back into the ball. I did it on my lunch hour, so no picture of my first swatch.
My other big first…I cast on my first sock. This is my first time using dpns, so I used Silver’s Sock Class photos as a guide. I also used a video from Knitting Help on knitting in the round. I found it a bit fiddly for the first row, so I just knit that row. After that, I got the hang of it and started ribbing. It is going well. It is a lot less hard than I imagined! I am feeling like a real Knitter (with the capital K)! My confession is that I really like the dpns, the yarn, and how tiny they are. I am also totally amazed that it is coming out sock like!