When I first arrived on Ravelry, I read a lot about “Fearless Knitting in 2008”. The first few times I saw it mentioned, I thought “how silly…who is afraid of knitting?” As I thought of it, I realized that it wasn’t being afraid of knitting…it was being afraid of certain aspects of knitting. I, myself, have a fear of anything that I see as “new” or “complicated”. I have been terrified of trying anything that wasn’t strictly knit or purl. Since Ravelry, I have decided to conquer those fears.

My first big fear was anything with a slip stitch. I have been knitting the January is for Karen scarf even though the pattern looked “hard”. I have found lots of support on knitting the “more complicated” stitches from people on Ravelry (including a link to the video I talked about in my last post). Now, I realize that those stitches are easy!

My next big fear is socks. I bought my first sock yarn this weekend. That is the absolutely beautiful yarn pictured above. I am going to start with socks for Little Bug. He wanted red and blue socks. I found this colorway (Lorna’s Laces in Argyle). It is soooo pretty (yet appropriate for a boy). He and I are both excited. I plan to swatch this week and get them started. I am going to use the sock recipe from Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Rules! book. After reading the section on socks and a few boards on Ravelry, I am no longer afraid…just excited.

After that, I plan to address my next fear…cables. I have seen a few videos. I am no longer afraid of cables, but I have to find a cabled project to start. Maybe a hat? I will have to look around (probably mostly on Ravelry). As you can see, Ravelry has both made me aware of my knitting fears and given me the tools to address them. Have I mentioned how much I love that site?!