Gnome Baby
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Well, today was about baby gnomes. My little gnome babies got a swingset. DH and some loved ones built it. LB had a blast “helping”. Of course, he helps in ways that only a three year old can (moving wood or hardware that they need so that it is just out of reach, using various wood pieces as a balance beam, etc). Of course, his “helping” outside gave me a chance to knit!

I finished LB’s gnome baby. He asked me to knit him something the other day. Given the short attention span, I knew it needed to be a quick project. I have been meaning to make him a gnome, so that was my chance. I finished it after LB went to bed (or rather crashed), but gave it to him when he woke briefly. He gave it a hug, and snuggled back into bed. The baby gnome is really small and fits perfectly in his hand. Now, onto a project for Critter.