I was almost overcome by yarn fumes today. I visited my ALYS (almost local yarn store) today. They just opened a couple months ago. I just discovered them this week (on Ravelry, of course). I haven’t been in a “real” yarn store in years. I walked in and almost fainted from the fumes! I made myself walk around the whole store twice without touching anything. Then I made myself walk around a few more times before selecting something. I walked out with some bamboo needles (size 11) and some really, beautiful yarn. Feel free to drool with me.

MMM…I had to pet it all the way home. I wish the picture truely captured the gorgeous colors! The purples, greys, olives, and blacks are just so pretty. Critter bug was with me. He stayed awake, even in his sling (I think he was a bit effected by the fumes himself). He flirted with the everyone and helped me make my choice. I just can’t wait to go back!! I could live there and be in heaven.