It finally came. The long awaited arrival of my Ravelry invite (I am KnittingGnome there)! I only checked my place on the waiting list a hundred times a day!! Now I am in! I spent most of last night playing around, uploading photos, finding people, etc. It is just so, darn cool! My DH thinks I am total geek for being this excited about a “knitting website”. First, we won’t mention what that makes him for being so excited about finding a good tide charts website! Secondly, he fails to see that it is more than a “knitting website”. It is information about knitting from thousands of knitters around the globe in one centralized location! It is amazing (and probably a bit geeky that I am so awed by it, but DH must not know that I think that).

I also found a whole group of people who do monthly dishcloth knitting (I didn’t find them on Ravelry, but they are there too)! Another totally geeky thing I am so excited about. Now I am in need of some more dishcloth yarn! Why dishcloths? They are quick and easy which gives some instant gratification (always good during bigger projects). They make nice gifts. They are a great way to practice a new technique because if they turn out badly the dishes will never know! I have been using dishcloths to practice continental knitting.

My first one (the blue dishcloth) turned out a bit wonky. Like I said, it will still scrub a pot, so it is ok. I am working on a new one that is turning out quite nice (even stitches, appropriate gauge…something that is rare for me). I am getting the hang of continental knitting. I am going to start the January dishcloth for the KAL tonight!

Now…just waiting on my gnome pattern!