Last night, I finally finished my last handmade Christmas gift! I vowed to get it done before the ball dropped, and made the deadline with a half-hour to spare (which I used to start my first project of the New Year…a knitted dishcloth for me). The big project was CB’s crochetted teddy bear. I had finished LB’s before Christmas. I used this pattern. They are a little lopsided, but I like them!

What is amazing is that LB’s bear is so much bigger than CB’s. I used the same yarn, same hook, same pattern. I ended up with totally different sizes. I guess that is why gauge swatches never work for me. I felt really guilty about the differences. CB’s bear is how I wish both had turned out. It feels more solid than LB’s. The stitching is more even. I just like it better. I considered remaking LB’s bear and substituting it. I didn’t, but I considered it. I don’t know why I feel so guilty about it. It isn’t as if I love one boy better just because I got better at making the bears. I guess I worry that they will interpret receiving the “better” bear as a sign of me loving that child more. It is silly, but I still feel guilty. I don’t think either of them is even capable of such reasoning at this point. Isn’t Mommy guilt so wonderful?
In knitting news, I decided to try Continental knitting. A dishcloth for myself (it isn’t the neatest knitting since it is “new” to me). I was taught using American, but felt that I could probably knit faster if I used Continental. It took a little getting used to, but now it is getting easier. It is faster for me. A few more dishcloths and I should be skilled enough at it to decide which way I prefer.