Since “Why?” is a favorite query of Little Bug’s, I will use it as a format to introduce myself.

Why a blog?
In the last year or so, I discovered the world of blogs. Since then, I have composed blog posts in my head without writing a single one down. They have been about everything from random legal bits to craft projects to everyday life. I decided it was finally time to jump on in and actually write them down.

Why Oh Give Me a Gnome?
Well, I love gnomes. Coming from a Norwegian family that is obsessed with gnomes, I also became obsessed. It just fits me. It isn’t specific to any one part of my life, but applies to them all. At work, I wish I had a filing gnome to help me. At home, I wish I had a gnome that did housework. In knitting, I wish I had a gnome that would work in the ends for me. Let’s face it, a busy girl has got to dream!

Why no real names?
Safety, my little dear ones, safety. I deal with scary people from time to time. I don’t like leading them to my front door. Mostly it is to protect the Bugs. I don’t want everyone knowing who and where they are. It is a scary world out there, and my job is to protect them (another good use for a gnome…traditionally, they were believed to be protectors of children while the parents slept). Besides, it is fun to have a secret identity (well, partially secret…some people know who I am, but they have been thouroughly background checked).

What will this blog be about (ok, not a why…I know)?
It will be about a little bit of everything that happens in my life. All those internal blog posts come to life!