December 2007

Since it is New Year’s Eve, I am making resolutions. This is the first year in a long time that I am doing this. I didn’t make resolutions the last couple of years. Mostly because I felt that resolutions were something that never lasted past January. I still think that about many resolutions, and maybe it will happen to mine too…My new philosophy is that you never get anywhere if you don’t set out to go somewhere. So here they are (in no particular order):
1. I will start on next year’s Christmas gifts now! I am waiting on the Alan Dart gnome pattern. I plan to make these for several people (fortunately, they either don’t have computers or don’t read blogs…they will never see it coming). There are also several people who will recieve scarfs and dishcloths (one already started…yay). I am also working on taking pictures for next year’s calendar.
2. I will scrap at least one page in each boy’s album each month (that is only two pages per month…totally doable).
3. We will make at least one change per month to be a “greener” family. January’s change is to reduce papertowel usage. Yay for knitted dishcloths! Ok, so January’s change is really an excuse to knit, but it will still help reduce waste (and use up the major stash of dishcloth yarn I have accumulated).

Happy New Year to all!


Since “Why?” is a favorite query of Little Bug’s, I will use it as a format to introduce myself.

Why a blog?
In the last year or so, I discovered the world of blogs. Since then, I have composed blog posts in my head without writing a single one down. They have been about everything from random legal bits to craft projects to everyday life. I decided it was finally time to jump on in and actually write them down.

Why Oh Give Me a Gnome?
Well, I love gnomes. Coming from a Norwegian family that is obsessed with gnomes, I also became obsessed. It just fits me. It isn’t specific to any one part of my life, but applies to them all. At work, I wish I had a filing gnome to help me. At home, I wish I had a gnome that did housework. In knitting, I wish I had a gnome that would work in the ends for me. Let’s face it, a busy girl has got to dream!

Why no real names?
Safety, my little dear ones, safety. I deal with scary people from time to time. I don’t like leading them to my front door. Mostly it is to protect the Bugs. I don’t want everyone knowing who and where they are. It is a scary world out there, and my job is to protect them (another good use for a gnome…traditionally, they were believed to be protectors of children while the parents slept). Besides, it is fun to have a secret identity (well, partially secret…some people know who I am, but they have been thouroughly background checked).

What will this blog be about (ok, not a why…I know)?
It will be about a little bit of everything that happens in my life. All those internal blog posts come to life!